Friday, 28 October 2016

Bad days starter pack

    Read this if you've ever gone through a really rough time or just simply had bad days, which everybody's undoubtedly had at least once. Some days I wish I could hide away, so I wouldn't have to face my minor, or sometimes complicated problems such as preparing for a difficult exam or dealing with my friends, who turned their back on me.
   In order to distract myself from whatever was consuming me, I always look for a way to completely escape reality. I have a few suggestions down below, which work for me, but that doesn't mean that they have the same effect on other people. You might've also come across very similar advice from other bloggers or people surrounding you.
    I'm by no means a psychologist or an expert on this topic, but whenever I'm in a rotten mood, I spend my time doing these activities to improve my mood.


  Despite the fact that I abhor any activities, which require physical strength, I jog from time to time to only clear my mind. I've never officially done any sport since I don't enjoy it, but gradually I've grown to love running. Not only does it help me to push the negative thought aside, but it obviously has many health benefits, which was actually the main reason why I started to run. The temperature's been decreasing where I live, which discourages me from running. Maybe I should start hitting the gym for the first time in my life.
 Scientifically speaking, exercising releases the happy hormones ( dopamines ) into your brain. Low level of this hormone can lead to fatigue, stress and mood swings. I don't know a lot when it comes to science and particularly neuroscience though.


 I've kept diaries since 6th grade because I want to record everything that happens in my life. I like the feeling of nostalgia and the comparing my past with my presence. At first, I found writing very enjoyable but later discovered that it was also therapeupetic. It was also scientifically proven. There's tons of articles about that, there's no need to pretend that I know a great deal of science, when I don't. I just wanted to point that out and besides people tend to believe everything if you bring science into it.
 Getting things off your chest on a piece of paper can boost your mood. Afterwards, you can crumble that piece of paper and throw into a rubbish bin and never see it again. Some people do it, while other, like me, prefer to have a diary.


Regardless of my mood, I always watch some TV series for pleasure and to forget the dull and from time to time, boring reality. I probably have an unhealthy obsession with the series or maybe it's because I need some background noise while doing housework.
 Currently I'm watching the Vampire Diaries. ( season 3, please don't spoil anything ) What TV show you choose to numb the pain is entirely up to you.
 Apart from TV series, I'm also addicted to YouTube. I'm mainly subscribed to fashion vloggers, who sometimes give girl talks, which I listen to whenever the black mood takes me. I'll list a few videos as such down below. Definetly check them out because you will probably relate to some of their experiences.


 It's no secret that I'm an organized freak and love to fold clothes. Tidying is a wonderful way to to push the gloomy thoughts out of your mind. " Clean bedroom, clean mind. " I've just made this up, but I suppose a similar saying to this exists.
 I get inspired by a YouTuber called Aileen from the Lavendaire YouTube channel. She's such an amazing person who has wonderful ideas. Her KonMari series taught me how to keep my wardrobe organized.


    I highly encourage you to pick up a book and completely immerse yourself into a completely different world. It reduces your stress and transport you to the fantasy realm. It has many advantages apart from this of course, namely vocabulary expansion, memory and writing improvement,
    I've always loved reading and often use my free time to read. I read everyday, usually while commuting or during school breaks. My favourite books are the Young Adult novels, the dystopian ones in particular.
    Apart from books, I also read many blogs such as Wonder Forest and Rowena Tsai, whose journey really motivated me to find my life purpose.

 What do you do when you feel down ? Let me down in the comments down below and always remember to stay positive.

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