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Vietnam 2016

Hi, I hope you're doing well. If you have a few minutes to spare, join me on my journey to Vietnam.
  I am fully Vietnamese, though Czech raised and born. ( though I haven't obtained a Czech citizenship yet )
 I live in the Czech Republic and in case you haven't heard of this country yet, it is a landllocked country in the middle of Europe, surrounded by four other countries - Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.


 Since I had visited Vietnam, the country where my parents originally come from, only four times before, I was really looking forward to finally going there after three years. My family was also bubbling with high excitement as we hadn't seen our relatives for a few years.
 On 19th June, I was waiting at the airport lounge in Prague, Czech Republic for a very long time since I had come to the airport early. My mother and I spent a considerable time checking out the duty- free shops. I guess that I can never get tired of looking at confectionary boxes and other fancy profucts.



 To our dismay, the flight to Frankfurt, Germany was delayed by one hour. When I finally got on the plane, I only hoped that I wouldn't have any trouble catching the flight to Ha Noi, Vietnam.
 We almost missed the plane to Ha Noi, but luckily, we got to the gate 9 minutes before the departure.
 I was worrying about ways to entertain myself for the long 11 hours since I don't sleep very well on plane. I also hoped that I could maybe strike up a brief conversation, but I sat with people outside my age group, who seemed rather sleepy, so I spent the long hours watching entirely random TV series and playing games.
 After 11 hours, my family and I arrived in Ha Noi at 6 AM, the local time. Despite the fact that it was so early in the morning, when I stepped off the plane, the air felt muggy. The temperature increased towards the noon as the sun was shining brightly.

My uncles picked up my family and we drove home, where we took our luggage to our bedrooms and then had a delicious breakfast. We grabbed the staple Ha Noi food - a Vietnamese noodle soup called pho. It consists of broth, rice noodles, a few herbs such as mind, and meat, primarily either beef or chicken.
 I couldn't help myself but keep comparing the authentic cuisine with what I eat in the Czech Republic. Nothing can top the pho served in Ha Noi. I'll never forget the taste of the fresh noodles, which taste completely differently from the instant ones used outside of Vietnam.
 I don't have a particular spot in my mind when it comes to pho, but in my opinion, you can't go out with any restaurant in the city. ( definetly avoid the sketchy places though )

  I took this photo in Ninh Binh. It tasted as equally rich as the pho served in Ha Noi. This bowl can fill you up for a few hours.


 This is undeniably one of the major challanges for people from other countries. The traffic jams also happen regularly during the rush hours.
 The most vital thing is learning to cross the roads full of motorbikes, bicycles and cars.


  For most of the part, I stayed in the busy and crowded Ha Noi. My cousins and I usually looked for places, where we could have a large meal and fun at the same time.

  Ha Noi is famous for its centuries - old architecture and culture influenced by the Chinese and French. The city has a lot to offer, starting from the chaotic Old Quarter with many narrow streets to the Hoan Kiem lake, which looks absolutely stunning at night.
 Unfortunately, I didn't have that much time and could only taky a quick glimpse of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Keangnam Ha Noi Landmark Tower.

To be honest, it overwhelmed me how many tourist I encountered in the Old Quarter. My cousins and I went there to try out some Mexican food. I suppose I'll have to write another article on my favourite places to have lunch and dinner in Ha Noi.

 Speaking personally, I enjoy hanging out at shopping centres with huge food courts, so naturally, I grew to love the Royal City. It also has an indoor water park, an ice skating rink and other entertainment outlets, for example a 6D cinema. By the way, I don't recommend watching a 6D film after consuming a pizza and lasagna.
 However, when it comes to shopping though, I don't like the clothes shops in the shopping centres in Vietnam that much since the fashion greatly differs. To me, all the clothing items somehow appeared too cute for me since they always have a bow or flowers attached to them. I prefered clothes in the independent boutiques on random streets of Ha Noi.

 My cousins and I also watched a lot of films in the cinema. In only one month, we had seen five films - The Secret Life of Pets, Now you see me, The Ice Age m : Collision Course, BFG and Lights out. My favourite cinema complex is undoubtedly CGV since they sell the most flavourful cheddar cheese popcorn ever. 
 Surprisingly, the cinemas in Vietnam have incredibly comfortable seats. We had a splendid time there.


 In terms of clubs and night life in general, I don't have any suggestions since I haven't reached the age of 18 yet. 


 I really wish we had this BBQ chain where I live , because their marinated beef and pork taste like heaven. Besides, I appreciated the service since the staff took care of us very well. They checked the coal very frequently and always asked us whether we needed anything else. I will miss the sensation of the korean flavours forever.


Even though this dessert probably doesn't look appealing to everybody, I swear, I consider it the most superb dessert I've ever had. It's made of yoghurt, tapioca pearls, jelly, cream caramel, jackfruit and dried coconut. You can also drizzle some strawberry topping on it. I could have it almost every single day and still wouldn't get sick of it.


 Doesn't the crystal clear water just look beautiful ?
 My family and I went on a vacation to the Phu Quoc Island together with my aunt's and uncle's family for the first time.
 We had a marvellous time there, though my brother and cousins slept most of the time due to exhaustion.
 We stayed there for only three days, but had a chance to see many places.


 After a month and ten days, I had to leave for the Czech Republic, which I found extremely difficult since I had got used to the time zone and climate there. Apart from these of course, I had also got used to exploring new places on daily basis, so therefore I didn't want to depart so soon as I was having a marvellous time there. Sadly, all things must come to an end.
 On the way back home, I slept a few hours on the plane and missed Vietnam and my family so bad. Hopefully, I'll return as soon as possible.

 What about you ? How did you spend your summer ? Feel free to drop a comment down below and let me know about your travel experience as well.

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